16 October 2020 The issue of consultation is a hot one at the moment, given that many residents felt that they were not directly consulted on the traffic plans for either Turnham Green Terrace / Devonshire Rd or those in the Grove Park area. In fact, in October 2019 the Council launched an interactive map for Grove Park residents to post comments on the Safer Neighbourhoods scheme, but it was stated at the time by our local Councillors that they felt that it was not sufficiently widely publicised. Now, Hounslow Council has a new consultation underway on ‘Seeking Community Views on the Borough of Hounslow’s Town Centres’, which relates directly to Chiswick High Road and the surrounding streets. It is again an interactive map, which makes it easy to place a pin in the spot on which you wish to comment, but also view other comments and agree or disagree with them, as appropriate. Should you wish to share your views this can be done online here:
The deadline is 01 November and the Council’s website sets out the detail, but in short this is about listening to your ideas on a wide range of topics, with current submissions such as: road quieting measures, pollution control, village beautification, retail environment. The council says: “This is phase one of the engagement; in the Autumn we will be coming out to the town centres to work with you on your ideas.” We will try and keep you updated if and when we learn more details about the above.

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