01 October 2020
The South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood scheme was taken a step further today with the installation of a ‘Left Turn Only’ barrier at the junction of Staveley Road and Park Road. This follows the imposition of “No Access to the A4′ on Harvard Hill. Both measures are designed to work in conjunction with the forthcoming Number Plate Recognition camera at the junction of Hartington Road and the A316, in order to deal with the 8,000 vehicles from elsewhere that traverse Grove Park daily.
The scheme, devised and paid for by the current Government, is designed to be temporary, and is pledged to be reviewed after six months. The Liveable Neighbourhood scheme is specifically designed to encourage more cycling and walking, but also control the amount of emissions created by traffic from outside the neighbourhood, in this case encouraging through traffic to use the A316/A4, rather than cutting through Grove Park at speed.

2 thoughts on “NO LEFT TURN ON STAVELEY”

  1. Jannett Godfrey

    I agree that reducing the number of cars using Hartington/Bolton/Sutton Court Road as a cut through from the A316 to the A4 is a good idea, but I think it should just be restricted to rush hours (7-10am and 5-7pm).
    Will our friends be discouraged from visiting during the day? How about deliveries?
    Furthermore I feel this will put a great deal of pressure on traffic on the A316 as it approaches the Hogarth flyover and this will cause much more pollution and traffic chaos in that area.

  2. Jannett Godfrey

    In addition to my previous comments about the proposed restrictions on Hartington Road, I think the left turn only barrier on Staveley Road will greatly increase the traffic on Sutton Court Road because drivers who want to access the A4 will turn left on Burlington Lane and continue up Sutton Court Road.
    All of this remains to be seen, of course

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