04 December, 2020

As previously noted, Hartington Rd will be closed to traffic entering westbound, from Monday 07 Dec., except for Chiswick residents in the CS and RV Controlled Parking Zones.
If you live in these zones, you should by now have applied for exemption from any fine invoked by entering Hartington Rd. in a westerly direction.
The Hartington Rd. / A316 junction ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera becomes operational on Monday, and a very useful video guide from Hounslow Council re: all the traffic restrictions across Grove Park and Strand on the Green is available to view at the following link:

Please view it, or pass it on to friends and neighbours.

Hounslow Council emphasise that the scheme is temporary and subject to consultation and they will very much want to hear your views on its efficacy. More news about that in future bulletins.
Our position remains that freedom from restrictions should apply equally to residents North of the railway line, as it does to those who live South of it.

The South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood scheme website is at southchiswicklnmap.commonplace.is
The form to apply for exemption from the Hartington Rd charging scheme can be found at www.hounslow.gov.uk/xfp/form/333


  1. Hi
    I am a resident of the Grove Park area.

    I understand we need a controlled area for traffic, however I think this needs to be school times only on Hartington Road.

    My office is my home during the Covid, I home school my grandson and I have meetings.

    I feel visitors should be able to visit by registering their number plates and be able to drop off

  2. I was slapped with a Penalty Charge Notice for contravening 52 M travelling on the Hartington Road. There is indeed a notice prohibiting certain types of vehicle, but I didn’t notice it, and the sign itself is not enough to catch the attention of drivers. The reason is that there is nothing else in the context of the area to suggest it is the kind of area in which certain kinds of vehicles would be prohibited. There really need to be markings on the road, something more obvious to put one on notice, especially if one does not live in the locality. It just leave a rather sour taste.

  3. I have lived in Kew, Richmond & Brentford area for the past 25 years. I live next to Kew Bridge. It’s forever congested so as an alternate, i use Hartington Road to avoid traffic to and fro to pick up my Daughter from School in Kingston. This new restriction access is so confusing, unclear signs and is totally unnecessary. I totally disagree with the scheme.

  4. I have just received a fine for driving along Hartington Road.
    I am not from London and never knew about the new restrictions and certainly never saw any signs warning me of any!

  5. christian ball

    The scheme while good in principle has created an artificial set of restrictions for grove park to strand areas and takes no account of local residents usage etc – it is utterly ridiculous for residents to be caught in this and an exemption for all residents in the area between A316, A205 and The A4 Great West Road in the north, including school zones should be the norm. There is a material difference for residence in the area being essentially taxed for having the temerity to just be living here. We all have kids that need to go to school etc. Signs should make clear the rules so taxis and delivery etc can actually understand that entry and exit at the same point for A4 or A316 will not be penalised.

  6. Wendy Robinson

    We were visiting London and did not see any notice restricting access to Hartington Rd. We were following Satnav so expected it to be OK. Some road markings or bollards would be more obvious.

  7. What an ill thought-out scheme. All that it has done is create more traffic and pollution on the A316 at a time when we are trying to reduce pollution.
    Also worth noting that the signage in place to supposedly warn motorists of the restrictions, make no sense whatsoever…the signs reads (motor cycles and cars) left turn “except permit holders”….by definition that strictly means “not including permit holders”. The sign should read: No left turn, except permit holders.

  8. just got the fine notification another new type of restriction “on trial” I did see a sign at the end of the road re residents only . I turned right like the other 5 cars and have not seen this type of signage before. stealth tax on people trying to drive in London. How do residents get deliveries?

  9. We got fined too. Google maps still takes you down this route and when you’re focusing you don’t see the signs and they’re not clear enough or giving enough warning. I read that this was meant to be a 3 month trial, but it seems to me that the council are not listening to anyone on this subject, i imagine that has something to do with the amount of money they’re raking in from it!!
    Makes me so angry. We already get penalised having a car in London, we pay our taxes and now we are getting taxed more.

  10. Same here Sat Nav directed me down Hartington Road on 13 August 2021 coming back from The Wetlands Centre, no clear road signs stating no left turn here, and a have received a penalty notice dated 18 August, which I am appealing.

    1. This is what I’d like to know. I’m still appealing this, as the date of my incident at the end of may, there was only a temporary floor standing sign that was place at the incorrect distance away from the correct turning!!

  11. i play football for the polytechnic FC and on Saturday 15/09/21 at 1702 i was given a 52m penalty notice for turning into Hartington road. Does the restriction apply on saturdays?

    Crazy, my car is also a hybrid!

  12. I just got a PCN letter in the post for turning left from Great Chertsey Rd onto Stavely Rd at around 3pm last Thursday. Had no idea there were any restrictions until I saw the letter with some grainy photos showing some new restriction sign. The trouble is, the sign come AFTER you’ve turned onto the road and can do nothing about it. There needs to be far clearer indications about where you can and cannot drive BEFORE you turn into a road you’re not meant to be on. This is a clear revenue generator for a lazy and inept council.

  13. This is idiotic and extremely poorly implemented. Can you turn onto Hartington and then right onto Cavendish? It looks like the restriction applies from after the mini roundabout but it is EXTREMELY UNCLEAR.

  14. Rachel Mitchell

    I am furious about this. 4 fines in – with no knowledge of them as leasing company helpfully steps in with a £30 admin charge to pay them – but not make me aware…. when neither my husband or I can recall any clear signage AT ALL not to turn left onto HArtington

  15. I received a Penalty Charge Notice on 4th October for entering Hartington Road having turned left from A316 – there was no sign before entering the road pointing out the restrictions so I immediately turned right by the Sport Ground so not entering the main Hartington Road but still received a fine.
    You would think that with purchase tax, road tax, petrol tax, and insurance tax we already make a fair contribution !
    I assume that we are seen as low hanging fruit and easy to set another tax on the motorist to support the councils overheads.

  16. I have recently received a penalty notice. Did you appeal? And is it worth doing so? Can’t make up my mind whether to just pay it now, while I am in the first 14 days and £65. If I do appeal will I be charged £130 if turned down?
    Anna C.

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