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However, please see below for links to an invitation to an ONLINE LIVE STREAM of the meeting on 21 October 2021 and the "Resident's guide to South Chiswick's Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme".

At the recent London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC), it was noted that there were flaws in the process followed and lacking data to support the current SCLN scheme, also the lack of discussion with residents and local groups. As a result the scheme has been referred to LBH Cabinet for further discussion at an upcoming meeting. Thank you to those of you who shared your comments ahead of the OSC session, it was notable how the OSC responded to local sentiment.

The Grove Park Group (GPG) and the Strand on the Green Association (SoGA) continue to work together with other local stakeholder groups to help keep residents informed and in our development of an alternative proposal. As a result of LBH OSC recommending further discussion with residents and resident groups, we see an opportunity to bring members of the community together so they can discuss the current scheme, our alternative scheme and any other ideas.

We have produced a “Resident’s guide to South Chiswick’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme”, intended to discuss the complexities of the current scheme, and to communicate our alternative scheme. The link to read the guide is HERE.

We have made arrangements for a public meeting on 21 October 2021 at St Paul’s Church at 7pm. This will be independently chaired, attended by GPG / SoGA / local street groups / local councillors and residents. Councillor Khan and LBH Traffic are invited so that they can discuss their scheme and respond to questions from residents. Places are limited due to covid restrictions, and unfortunately the meeting is now FULL and further physical attendees cannot be accomodated. We have, however, arranged to make the meeting available online so more residents can join the discussion. The link to sign up to the online meeting is HERE.

GPG Committee

Your local voice

The Grove Park Group is a Residents’ Association, formed in 1970, concerned with issues that affect residents and businesses in the Grove Park area. Our patch is roughly bounded by the A4 to the north, the A316 to the east, the river to the south, and the District Line to the west, although we only reach the western end of Grove Park Road, before Strand on the Green begins.

The GPG was at a low ebb in 2011 which was transformed when a new Committee was formed, and since then membership has increased and our profile raised. We attend local meetings, including the local Ward Crime Panel, liaise with Councillors and are part of a wider organisation of Residents’ Associations across the borough who interact with the Council Lead Members on topics of wider significance, such as Planning, Conservation, Highways policy and Citizen Engagement. We also present occasional free talks on aspects of local history – our most recent two were over-subscribed, so be sure to book early.

There is a committee of 7, including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary; all are local residents and they meet once a month. There is an Annual General Meeting, to which all members are welcome, and a Quarterly Newsletter for information.

JOIN NOW – Details are on the ‘About Us’ page; membership covers the whole household.

Check out the ‘News’ page, to see some of the local issues we are monitoring, or are part of.

We have provided details of some local services and organisations you might appreciate or wish to investigate. (Other services are available).

The ‘Services’ page also includes a short Local History timeline that you may enjoy, plus details of or local History Society.

Be involved, stay in touch. Help maintain the unique nature of our special area.

Safety, Ambience and Blooms

If you want a quick way to cross the railway line from the north-west part of Grove Park to get to the river, you would use the Dean’s Close / Ernest Gardens railway footbridge. Its lack of illumination has been a longstanding source of anxiety, so on 24th October 2015, there was a site meeting with Ruth Cadbury MP, local Councillors, residents and the GPG. Having followed this up for 5 years, the GPG saw Hounslow pay for the lights, and install them on 21st September,  becoming operational on Thursday 24 Sept., 2020.

The October 2019 consultation on the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood added the following: ‘Further consideration will be given to improving the access to the bridge once this scheme is completed.’ The GPG will continue to monitor the bridge, which is in rather poor condition, and liaise with the council re: ongoing works.

It has been a longstanding aim for the GPG to improve the environment of the very large space in front of the Grove Park Road shops, ideally to create an Italian-style ‘piazza’. This is to allow shoppers to dally in a more comfortable space, while at the same time curbing the excessive number of motor vehicles that constantly zip up and down Bolton Road.

Before the Covid-19 crisis, the GPG had raised contributions to the total redesign via crowdfunding and we were on course to be part of the London-wide Liveable Neighbourhood scheme. Liveable Neighbourhoods was the Mayor of London’s £2.3 Billion fund to create Healthy Streets across the capital, which has of course now been affected greatly by the global pandemic.

However, we are still liaising with the Council over some more modest proposals which would still involve creating more space for pedestrians, bicycle racks and table areas while adding trees, but maintain vehicle access to the shopping space.

Watch out for new designs, to be presented to residents and retailers later in the year for reactions and feedback.

On Burlington Lane, just outside the main Station entrance, can be found a disused horse trough, which has been continually planted with flowers by the Grove Park Group since 2011, entirely with efforts from the Committee and funded by the Group. As the trough itself attests, it was established by the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association, an organisation set up by Samuel Gurney, an MP and philanthropist, and barrister Edward Thomas Wakefield, in 1859 to provide free drinking water. The association survives as the Drinking Fountain Association and received a National Lottery grant to build more fountains in 2000, and to restore existing ones.

We organise regular replantings and are currently discussing reconnecting the water supply to further assist in keeping the plantings watered. See our Quarterly Newsletter for updated photos.